Singer Bryson Tiller is known for his smooth vocals and ability to play with metronomes—as evidenced by his song “Don’t.” Most music buffs would classify the Louisville, Kentucky native in the R&B category, but now, he’s switching things up a bit.

Tiller was recently tapped for the new “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” soundtrack, in which he is featured on the animated film’s main track, “Down Like That.” A father of two, for him, working on this movie was simply the icing on the cake, and honestly the push he needed to diversify his discography.

“My kids absolutely love the fact that I am a part of this, and there’s nothing but smiles every time they hear me,” Bryson Tiller tells EBONY. “But, honestly, they were the second driving factor in my hopping on the movie’s soundtrack. The first was the fact that it was just something very different for me, and it got me excited. Sometimes I get bored in the studio, so this is a way to keep the job fun for me.”

Now that he has a children’s movie soundtrack under his belt, the “Gotta Move On” vocalist says that he can definitely see himself working on others in the future. 

As a father to two young daughters, Tiller stresses that finding balance between his career and fatherhood is crucial. 

“I have periods where there’s a lot of downtime, and we get to hang out all day almost. This current season has been very busy for me, though, so I do my best to include them in things I’m working on, even if that means bringing my oldest daughter to the studio or on tour with me. I’ll even play tracks for them as I’m working on them, and get their input, just to ensure they feel included.”

For other busy fathers, the singer shares the same sentiment as far as just finding that balance between work and home—whatever that may look like in your current situation.

“Growing up, I didn’t really have my father in my life. All I ever cared about was just having that quality time with him, and I never got that. So to other fathers out there, just try to create memories and experiences with your kids, so that they will always know that you are involved in their lives. At least, that’s what I feel like I needed back then.”

Beyond fatherhood, Tiller is busy working on his next project, which will be out soon. Fresh off a multi-city tour, he’s excited to bring fans new music.

“I really want to show versatility with this next album,” Bryson Tiller shares. “It’s not like “Trap Soul,” it’s not like “Anniversary” or anything I’ve done before. It will be a mixture and blend of some of that to ensure I give those early fans what they love, but I also want to show people what I’m truly capable of now, too.”