Bucks’ guard Sterling Brown is reportedly filing a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department, according to his attorney after a stun gun incident during an arrest in January.

Brown’s attorney, Mark Thomsen, announced the plans for the lawsuit as body-camera footage of the Jan. 26 arrest is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The then-rookie was allegedly hit with a stun gun during the incident which occurred in a Walgreens parking lot around 2 a.m. local time. Brown, then 22, was taken into custody for resisting arrest. Those charges were later dropped after a review of the incident’s footage.

Police Chief Alfonso Morales is concerned about the conduct of the cops in the video. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett expressed his worry about public backlash once the footage is released. “I’m going to let the release of that speak for itself, but yes, I definitely have concerns after watching that video,” Barrett told reporters Monday.

The other unnamed sources who have seen the video told the publication the NBA player was not hostile or “threatening” before being shocked by the stun gun. However, in the initial report, the MPD said the arresting officers spoke with Brown and “an electronic control device was deployed.”

After being booked on a possible misdemeanor charge of resisting or obstructing an officer, Brown played in a basketball game later that evening appearing with bruises and marks on his face. The then-rookie declined to discuss his injuries with reporters and said they stemmed from a “personal issue.”