Bun B and his wife, Angela "Queenie" Walls, were the victims of a home invasion last month. The couple appeared on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club Tuesday detailing the frightening encounter.

Walls, who was held at gunpoint before the gunman attempted to steal her car, held back tears as she explained how the attempted robbery began.

According to Walls, she answered the door of her home, expecting a delivery from UPS or Amazon, but was met with a masked gunman. "At the moment it was unreal because we had just made it home within 20 minutes," she said.


Bun, who was using the bathroom as the intruder entered his home, explained how amazed he was at his wife's efforts to keep him away from the gunman.

"I'm so proud of her not only for how she handled herself, but…her only thought was to protect me, because in the moment, her assumption is this person is coming to get me," he explained. "She [didn't] know it was a random act at the time, so she thinks this person is coming to kill me. So she's like I need t o hold this person here until Bun can get to the gun. And even if he kills me, I know Bun can kill him," the UGK emcee continued.

Praising his wife for her heroic efforts, Bun said, "She's the hero because if she didn't stall him out I [wouldn't have] gotten to the pistol."

In April, TMZ reported that a masked gunman knocked on the couple's door and held Walls at gunpoint once he gained entry into the home. After demanding that Walls hand over valuable possessions, she suggested that he take her Audi.

Bun, who grabbed a gun after he heard the exchange, fired several shots as the suspect attempted to flee in the car.

Several hours after the shooting, the gunman, identified as Demonte Jackson, checked into a Houston-area hospital with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. He was later charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.