According to former NFL safety Burgess Owens, Black Entertainment Network has imposed an anti-American, anti-flag and anti-White agenda that has inspired football players to opt out of standing for the national anthem.

On Fox’s Mornings with Maria, he and three other commentators discussed the controversy surrounding the players’ right to protest.

“Why is it they believe this?” Owens said. He didn’t specify what “this” was.

“It’s because we have a Black Entertainment Television network that’s pushing this anti-American, anti-flag, anti-White scenario, and this has been on purpose guys—15 years we’ve been hearing this,” he continued.

Owens also said Colin Kaepernick, who inspired the movement to sit or kneel during the anthem, was focusing on the “bad things police were doing.” Throughout the conversation, Owens acted as a voice box for those who have condemned the athletes’ protest under the guise of patriotism.

“So these kids coming out, they truly do not believe in our country, think everything’s gone wrong,” the 66-year-old said. “There are people right now listening to BET that still do not know that ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ it was a lie. [They] still don’t know that, because they’ve not been told the truth.”

If anyone has an additional copy of Between The World and Me or even To Kill a Mockingbird, we know someone who’d benefit from reading them.