Howard University alum Joseph Cheatham eco-conscious candle collection—Yasaf, Lit— is, well, kind of lit. 

The word Yasaf, which means "he will add," is derived from the Hebrew origin of Cheatham’s first name, Joseph. The sustainable candles are composed of cruelty-free fragrances, eco-friendly wooden wicks, and vegan ingredients. Having had an affinity for fragranced items, Cheatham had the idea to start the candle line during the pandemic. Due to quarantine restrictions during that period, he had to produce his collection from the comfort of his own at home. He self-taught himself the candle making process by watching a few Youtube tutorials. “You really don’t know if you like something until you try it, and ultimately I fell in love with candle-making,” says the candle maker.

Yasaf,Lit candles retail for $48 individually and for $120 for a bundle of 3 and are available at

Yasaf, Lit J'ARMM Candle, $48,
Yasaf, Lit N'Side Candle, $48,
Yasaf, Lit Essex Candle, $48,
Yasaf, Lit Twenty 8 Candle, $48,