No matter what you might be looking for, there is a Black-owned business that can cater to your every need. As Black Business Month continues to emphasize the variety of durable, sustainable and unique Black-owned businesses at our disposal, it also brings to light the importance of supporting them year round.

In this spirit, EBONY is proud to support ByBlack, an established platform that gives foundational assistance to businesses led by Black entrepreneurs. Powered and created by the US Black Chambers (USBC), ByBlack posts an expansive database of verified Black-owned businesses that can be utilized by all.

Below is a round-up of several ByBlack certified businesses that'll boost your fitness and well-being routine:


Yogamazia is a prenatal/postnatal, kids & family yoga studio located in Central Bucks, PA. The yoga studio believes in the importance to empower youth to tap into their mind, body and spirit begins "from the womb." Through a variety of in-person and on-demand classes and advancement levels, Yogamazia is contributing to the creation of healthy lifestyles for youth.

Yogamazia Warrior I Livestream Course, $80, Image: courtesy of Yogamazia.

The Root Remedy

The Root Remedy has developed a gummy that promotes overall healthy and immunity. The brand is rooted in the mission that wellness "should be inclusive to all and not a luxury to a few." Their specialty apple cider gummy is sugar free and suitable for any lifestyle.

The Root Remedy Sugar-Free Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, $25, Image: courtesy of The Root Remedy.

Craft Boxing Co.

Craft Boxing Co. is a members only boxing club with virtual classes and in-person locations. Dedicated the the love of boxing, the platform connects participants with trainers and classes across the country best suited to individuals needs. Additionally, it provides services to help those interested in becoming trainers get certified and start their own businesses. Because when you look good, you do good, Craft Boxing Co. offers a substantial selection of merchandise to help you get right in the gym frm joggers to t-shirts to hoodies.

Craft Boxing Co. Rhythm Season Signature Hoodie,$120, Image: courtesy of Craft Boxing Co.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins

Those who have menstrual cycles know first hand that it can be challenging finding products to use that reflect your values, fit your needs during that time and are good for your body. Jewel Sanitary Napkins offers a variety of sanitary napkins to match your flow during your cycle.

Jewel Reign Supreme Sanitary Napkins Bundle, $30, Image: courtesy of Jewel Sanitary Napkins .