A C-SPAN caller went on a racist rant against former President Barack Obama on Sunday calling for his death, according to HuffPost.

The incident happened on Washington Journal, the networks morning program. Paul Orgel, who hosts the show, took a call from a White Haven, Pennsylvania man named Christopher when the caller called Obama an “illegal alien.”

Orgel asked, “How do you know this?” but as Christopher talked, the audio dropped for viewers for a few seconds.

“We’re going to try to get somebody who has something constructive to add to the conversation hopefully,” Orgel told viewers when the audio returned.

Paul Waldman, a Washington Post opinion writer who was a guest on Sunday’s show, tweeted that Christopher said, “Death to that ni**er Obama,” which is part of the audio that viewers didn’t hear.

Walderman was discussing President Donald Trump’s lack of political experience when the call came in.

Earlier this month, a C-SPAN caller threatened “to shoot” CNN’s Don Lemon claiming that Lemon and others have labeled Trump supporters racist.