A California woman has filed a lawsuit against big box retailer, Walmart, for racial discrimination, the New York Post reports.

Essie Grundy, 43, is a mother of five. She told reporters during a news conference in Los Angeles that she visited a Walmart near where she lives and when she was about to buy skin cream noticed that African-American products were kept in a locked, glass display case. Grundy says the move unfairly perpetuates the stereotype that Black people are thieves, her attorney said.

Grundy called attention to the matter and was told the policy came from the store’s corporate offices.

Grundy also said she returned to purchase a 48-cent comb and was “shocked” to discover that it was locked up despite being so cheap.

But in contrast, beauty products for other races where readily available.

“I just feel that we need to be treated equal,” Grundy said, according to KTLA. “It’s no way that we should be treated … just because of a complexion. We are all human and we deserve to be treated as everyone else.”

“It perpetuates a racial stereotype that African-Americans are thieves,” Allred told reporters.