In an effort to hunt down anti-racism activists, police in California reportedly worked with white supremacists in order to identify counter-protesters, documents show. They also reportedly sought the prosecution of activists who held “anti-racist” beliefs.

The Guardian reports that the records, which also showed officers expressing sympathy with white supremacists and attempting to protect an organizer for the neo-Nazi’s identity, were included in a briefing in court from three anti-fascist activists who were charged with felonies.

The protesters participated in a Sacramento rally, and were urging the judge to dismiss their case. They also accused California police and prosecutors of collusion “with the fascists.”

Lawyers for the defense said the case serves as the latest example of U.S. law enforcement appearing to align with white supremacist groups when targeting anti-fascist activists.

“It is shocking and really angering to see the level of collusion and the amount to which the police covered up for the Nazis,” said Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley teacher and anti-fascist organizer charged with assault and rioting. “The people who were victimized by the Nazis were then victimized by the police and the district attorneys.”

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