Oh boy, he’s having a baby.

It’s hard to ignore these images of teenage boys sporting “pregnant” bellies and that’s exactly the intent of Chicago’s new eye-catching teen pregnancy prevention campaign.

Launched last month, it aims to “spark conversations among adolescents and adults on the issue of teen pregnancy and to make the case that teen parenthood is more than just a girl’s responsibility,” according to the Chicago Department of Public Health.

You can see the ads on public transit buses, trains, platforms and bus shelters throughout the Windy City, with organizers specifically targeting areas around high schools and communities where teen birth rates are highest, said Brian Richardson, a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Public Health.

“We wanted to create an ad campaign that would cut through the clutter and get people thinking about teen pregnancy and teen births, and how it can affect more than just teen girls,” Richardson told TODAY Moms.

“That’s why the campaign has been a success so far because it’s gotten people talking and it’s garnered a lot of attention.”