WNBA player Candace Parker said that men who don’t play basketball are the ones who are usually disrespectful to the women’s league.

Parker made the comments in a piece by ESPN W about the TNT show Area 21, which is celebrated for embracing female athletes.

“Female ballers don’t get disrespected by NBA players,” says Parker. “They understand the time, effort and skill set to perfect the pull-up jump shot. You don’t have to do a windmill [dunk] to perfect a midrange game or to shoot the three or to be able to handle. It’s usually dudes that don’t play basketball that disrespect the WNBA.”

The Los Angeles Sparks player said that times are changing and she doesn’t pay attention to those who criticize the league since she’s hoping to inspire others.

“As a woman athlete I know that there’s roughly the same amount of guys coming up asking for autographs on my jersey as there are girls. Times are changing,” she said. “I don’t think my daughter has ever heard ‘You play like a girl’ because that’s not acceptable nowadays. We’re starting with the correct generation. The generation that I believe has it wrong? Well, I don’t have any words for them.”