One German candy company is catching heat after comparing the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, to a chocolate covered marshmallow.

Super Dickmann’s has been accused of racism after posting the below ad on Instagram in celebration of the Royal Wedding.

The accompanying caption translates to, “What are you looking at? Wouldn’t you also want to be Meghan today?”

The post had social media in an uproar, accusing the candy makers of making a racist allusion to Markle’s African-American heritage. According to Telegraph, chocolate marshmallows used to be popularly known in Germany as “Negerkuss,” translated into “Negro kiss,” adding another layer of offensiveness to the already controversial image.

Super Dickmann’s initially released a causal apology that didn’t help in the slightest.

“A big pardon! The world of Super Dickmann’s is colourful and diverse and far from racist thoughts.”




The company later deleted both posts and issued an official apology, with Bernd Roessler, a spokesman for the company, calling the initial post “stupid and embarrassing.”