Gladiators everywhere are rejoicing. The highly anticipated fourth season of ABC’s “Scandal” airs tonight.

Headed by Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), the fast-paced, D.C. political soap left fans with plenty of big moments to ponder since the season-three finale last spring. One of the biggest clutch-the-pearls scenes was when the (once) beloved Harrison was shot and killed at the behest of Papa Pope. (And yes, he is dead. Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck, recently confirmed that fact.)

So far in 2014, Short has been involved in a number of alleged violent altercations with men in various bar fights and with his now estranged wife. His character was killed off when his domestic woes at home were become gossip rag fodder. Shonda Rhimes and the NFL use different playbooks when it comes to deciding what types of personal shenanigans will get you immediately fired.

Another big reason Scandal fans are glad for a new season is because the show can finally get back to the business of showcasing Olivia’s delectable fashion. Being pregnant is a blessed occasion (so I’m told), but when Washington was more visibly pregnant during the latter part of season three, the cameras just did not know what to do with her.  Fans were “treated” to numerous wonky shots that, instead of downplaying the fact that they were not shooting full-body scenes of Washington, were more like, “Hey folks! Kerry Washington is pregnant, but Olivia Pope is not, so we’re just going to film at very awkward angles until she gives birth.”

The baby is now here and so is an Olivia Pope-inspired collection from the Limited, so that us regular folks can get a piece of that D.C. glamour.

When Gladiators last saw Olivia, she was finally ready to leave all of the political treachery and murder behind and hop on a jet with her on-again, off-again puppy lover, Jake. Her married main squeeze Fitz just won a second term in the White House, his son had been murdered, his right-hand man’s husband had been murdered, he was back on good terms with his wife, and Olivia’s father was holding Olivia’s mother in his dungeon (even though Papa Pope told Fitz that Mama Pope was dead). By the way, I’m convinced that Joe Morton’s “Boy” scene is what won him that Emmy.

Sounds like a good time for a vacation and/or new life, no? The teaser for season four shows Olivia sunning on a beach while sipping a glass of wine (of course) and giving a glimpse of what looks like natural hair. Olivia Pope with a twist out? This could be great.

Of course, Olivia has to go back to reality. Harrison’s death will probably be the trigger for that, and from then on, she’ll be sucked right back into that crazy Gladiator life.  Besides, it’s hard to be an “angry Black woman” on a magnificent far-away island.

There are numerous watch parties going on all over the country. Even Columbus Short is hosting one in Atlanta. Yeah. I’ll just leave that there.

Will you be hosting or attending a watch party tonight? What are your predictions for this season?