Cardi B has never been the type to hide the truth from her fans, admitting on stage that she recently had liposuction. The "Money" rapper also acknowledged disobeying doctor's orders for the sake of her fans and bank account.

During a recent performance at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, the Bronx artist told the crowd that she should have canceled because of the surgery but wanted to hit the stage anyway.

“I have some news for y’all. I should have canceled today. I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna f*ck up my lipo. But b*tch I’m still gonna get my motherf*cking money bag, let’s go!”

The former Love & Hip Hop star also admitted to having a second breast augmentation after giving birth last July to daughter, Kulture.

“I just got my boobs redone." Cardi told ET. “My daughter f**ked me up. She did, she sure did.”