Rapper Cardi B, 26, has had enough of conservative critics undermining her artistry but not having the same energy to call out President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday morning, Cardi called out broadcaster Stephanie Hamill after she questioned how the Bronx rapper's risqué collaboration with rap duo City Girls, "Twerk," empowered women in the #MeToo era.


"It says to women that I can wear and not wear what ever I want. do w.e I want and that NO still meansNO," Cardi tweeted. "So Stephanie chime in..If I twerk and be half naked does that mean I deserve to get raped and molested ? I want to know what a conservative woman like you thinks."

The 26-year-old, who recently criticized Trump for the government shutdown, continued, "All these conservatives been harassing me and telling me the most disgusting things these past few days."

Cardi said regardless of an individual's political alignment, it can be agreed that the president is not doing what is best for the American people.

"Listen I’m not telling ya to turn liberal all I’m saying is to admit that your president is f**kin up this country right now! Liberal or conservative we ALL suffer as citizens," she said in conclusion.


In March 2018, the former stripper said the #MeToo movement excluded women like her, including video vixens and women who work in adult clubs.