Over three years before Bronx rapper Cardi B became a household name, the up-and-coming reality star filmed several skits for MTV comedy show, Off the Rip. One of which is a parody of the popular Real Housewives franchise entitled Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement. Cardi portrays Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The parody alludes to Dr. King’s various infidelities and includes other actresses portraying the wives of Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson and others. TMZ reports Dr. Bernice King, Martin and Coretta’s youngest child, has responded to the parody, calling it “repulsive,” and “false.” She also believes its release is horribly timed, as the 55th anniversary of MLK’s March on Washington is next Tuesday. She reportedly would like to speak to the “Be Careful” singer about her involvement in the sketch. See the controversial clip here.  

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Cardi also acted in another sketch for controversial series where she made a racially charged joke about Haitians, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. That clip can be viewed here. 

Reps for the new mom told TMZ she recorded the sketch three years ago and that her jokes were no different than those of other Hispanic comedians, such as George Lopez.