Reebok and Cardi B announced their partnership on Monday.

The global athletic and footwear brand said working with Cardi was a “dream collab decades in the making.”

“Everything that you love about Cardi is what you love about Reebok.” the company said in a statement obtained by “Reebok has a longstanding legacy of nonconformity, whether it’s creating the first workout shoe exclusively for women or putting bold-faced expletives and fresh-faced hip-hop stars in its big ad campaigns in the early ‘00s.”

The Bronx rapper hinted at the upcoming collaboration during her heated exchange with Nicki Minaj last week.

Cardi was selected for her authentic and unabashed personality. “Cardi isn’t just a world-class entertainer. She’s a mother, a style icon, a pop culture magnet and – above all else – a fearless individual. She’s broken every mold that superstars are supposed to fit into—and she’s reached the top by following nobody’s path but her own.”

She now has three fashion endorsements under her belt. Her Fashion Nova line will be released in November, and she worked with Steve Madden earlier this year.

The are currently no details on what to expect from the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s collaboration, but you can copy Cardi’s look from the announcement photo at the links below.

Aztrek, $90:

Classics Advanced Track Jacket, $70:

Classics Advance Track Pants, $65:

PureMove Bra, $60: