Cardi B has been unstoppable since breaking on the scene and her year is poised to be even bigger since she released her new album and unveiled that she will become a mother for the first time.

The Bronx rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about Invasion of Privacy and why she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long.

Cardi said she was more excited about her album’s release than revealing she was expecting a child with her fiance Offset.

“Mostly the album, it was more like a relief,” she said. “The baby… was also a relief, but it’s something that was nerve-wracking.”

She said that people’s thought’s about her pregnancy made her sensitive, but that she was committed to working hard because people relied on her.

“I know a lot of people invested their time [in] me and I just don’t want to disappoint anybody.” ” A lot of people [were] telling me, ‘What are you doing?’ and it’s like, ‘okay, I’m pregnant, but I have a game plan.”

She assured her team that despite being pregnant that they would still have jobs.

Cardi said she contemplated not having the baby, but decided to go through with it because of her success.

“I just didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing. I just didn’t want to,” she told Charlamagne and company. “I’m a grown woman, I’m 25-years old; I’m going to say this in the most humbling way, ‘I’m a schmillionaire.’

Check out the full interview below.