Rapper Cardi B posted a scathing rant Wednesday against President Donald Trump amid reports his administration ordered thousands back to work during the partial government shutdown.

"I just want to remind y'all, because it's been a little over three weeks," Cardi said about the longest shutdown in history. "Trump is ordering and summoning federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid."


The Bronx native added, "Now, I don't want to hear y'all motherf***ers talk about 'Obama shut down the government for 17 days,'" referring to the 2013 shutdown. "Yeah, for healthcare! So your grandma could check her blood pressure!"

She continued her diatribe against Trump. "Our country is in a hellhole right now, all for a f***ing wall. I feel like we need to take some action."

"I'm scared. This is crazy, and I really feel bad for these people that gotta go to f***ing work to not get motherf***ing paid."

Cardi’s ability to give a concise and relatable explanation of how the shutdown is affecting the U.S. got the attention of several celebrities and politicians.

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) kicked off a debate tweeting, "(Trying to decide whether or not to retweet Cardi B)." Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy responded saying he grappled with the same dilemma.


Forty minutes later, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer chimed in as well. "Guys, I'm still holding my breath. Are you gonna RT Cardi B or not?"


Check out what other prominent figures had to say in the gallery below.