Attention college grads: looking to travel this summer? How about traveling across the country, reviewing famous sights, sounds and locations along the way? Oh, and how would you like to be PAID for it?


Well look no further, because Choice Hotels is offering the job of the Summer, and maybe of your lifetime! The hotel chain is looking to hire a suitable candidate within the company in the brand new “Ultimate People Person” position. Whoever lands the job will travel around the nation to different markets to attend festivals, concerts, art museums, restaurants etc. to connect with the people of that city. As an added bonus, the job has a salary of $20,000 from June to August.


Sounds like the job for you? Here’s how you apply:

·       Must be at least 21 to be considered;

·      The deadline to apply is June 7, 2015

·      To apply, click visit Choice Hotels

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