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Facebook Feature Aims to Help Small Businesses in the U.S.

On Thursday, Facebook introduced Facebook Community Boost, a new program designed to assist small businesses in the U.S. in growing, as well as equipping citizens with digital skills necessary to compete in the new economy.

According to a press release announcing the news, Facebook Community Boost will visit 30 American cities next year, to work with local organizations to provide training for people in need of work. Officials will also advise entrepreneurs on how to get started and to help businesses maximize their effective use of the internet.

Facebook has reportedly invested more than $1 billion in support of small businesses since 2011. Existing programs like Boost Your Business, has trained more than 60,000 small businesses in America and thousands around the world.

Facebook Community Boost was developed at the request of its small business community, specifically that the company spends more time in their cities and provide more training.

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