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These Women Are Cashing in on the Cannabis Rush

Since the legalization of marijuana in most states, the cannabis industry has provided business owners with the opportunity to have a booming profession if desired.

And a group of savvy female entrepreneurs isn’t wasting any time hopping on the weed industry train.

NBC reports that Whites make up more than 80 percent of marijuana business owners, compared with only 4.3 percent of Blacks. But more people of color are entering the industry.

Take 36-year-old Digital Content Creators Safon Floyd, Kali Wilder and Sirita Wright, for example. They launched EstroHaze, a cannabis media company, following their graduation from Canopy, one of the nation’s top cannabis accelerators.

“I chose to get started in cannabis, particularly cannabis media, because it is the perfect marriage of two things that I respect, know and love—cannabis and sharing stories,” Safon told NBC. “I also chose to get started in this space because of a blatant void that needed to be filled—raising the minority voice in this new industry where, frankly, the minority female presence was bleak, to say the least.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have plans to reverse the legalization of marijuana in all 50 states, but until then, may these ladies enjoy a profitable business venture.

For more on EstroHaze, click here.


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