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Five In-Demand Jobs Employers Are Struggling to Fill

Despite a high unemployment rate and a job outlook that’s still not at its best, there are still jobs that employers are struggling to fill.

Take a look at jobs that are in demand and waiting for the right candidate to fill them.

1. Financial Analyst (Business Analyst, Credit Analyst, Accountant)

Mean National Salary: $65,500

Top College Majors: Business administration, accounting and finance

Average Level of Education: Forty-nine percent have a Bachelor’s degree and 37% have a master’s or higher

2.CDL Driver (Truck Driver)

Mean national salary: $44,500

Top College Majors: Commercial driver’s license, tractor trailer experience and Department of Transportation medical card

Average Level of Education:Seventy-one percent have a high-school education, 15% have an associate’s degree, 14% have a bachelor’s or higher


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