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Mega Money Mantras

Mega Money Mantras

February 2015 Lesson: 

Take Back Your Neighborhood


“Grabbing Gentrification by the Horns,” p. 88


Researching your rights as a tenant and voting to elect local officials who will advocate for your needs are ways to ensure your interests are always considered, especially once an area is beginning to change. If you’re not interested in residing in a gentrified area but want to keep a stronghold in a changing neighborhood, consider starting a business there.



March/April 2015 Lesson: 

Focus on Alternate Streams of Income


“The Big Comeback,” p. 83


Experts say individuals shouldn’t be intimidated by the possibility of a layoff, particularly since the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average tenure at a job these days is 4.6 years. Instead, African-Americans in particular must focus on creating a cache of transferable skills that can help ensure a quick return to the workforce.


See Also

Cashing in on Cannabis,” 

p. 88


According to the latest report by the marijuana investment and research firm The 

ArcView Group, legal commerce of the substance in the United States brought in $2.5 billion in 2014. That number is predicted to exceed $10 billion over the next five years as demand increases and new markets open up. Industry experts encourage others to maximize the skill sets they already have when deciding on what may be the right fit for them in the legal marijuana trade.


Read more in the December 2015/January 2016 issue of EBONY Magazine. 

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