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Survey: ‘FOMO’ is Making it More Difficult to Be Joyful at Work

According to a recent survey, “FOMO” or the “fear of missing out” is rearing its ugly head in the workforce. Granted, we’ve all been affected by FOMO to some degree in various aspects of our lives. I mean, not a person walking this Earth has not felt “inadequate” to some degree, even if those feelings were not warranted.

And according to a recent LinkedIn survey, FOMO incredibly common. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of professionals said that they “fear they will miss their opportunity to succeed if they don’t keep their options open.”

In fact, researchers reported the fear of missing out or “FOMO” as being one of the strongest motivators regarding professional development.

“To beat career FOMO, it’s important to always keep your network active and constantly seek new challenges both inside and outside of the workplace,” the report states.

Cues LinkedIn, aka the professional networking site.


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