We Buy Black: Top Black Businesses You Should Support

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EBONY wants you to buy Black. A study by Nielsen—a global information and measurement company that gathers data on what people watch, buy and listen to—found that the Black community has a current buying power of $1.2 trillion.

Much of that money, however,  is spent outside of our communities. It is important to connect consumers with Black-owned businesses so our money stays in Black communities and promotes our economic stability.

Below are the top Black businesses we think are worth your money:

De’Shade Eyewear

De’Shade is a small designer eyewear company based in Los Angeles. The glasses are stylish and cost as little as $20 but still have a luxury feel. The company also prides itself on providing looks that are inclusive of all shapes, sizes and color of people.

Wild Moon Jewelry

Wild Moon was created by Toronto-based jewelry designer Asia Clarke. The line’s pieces are eco-conscious and use natural materials to create the art of the jewelry. The beadwork and material choices allow each piece to become a highlight to any outfit.


MWR Collection

The MWR collection is a unisex accessories brand by Mia Wright-Ross featuring chairs, stools, bags and luggage that boast raw-edged seams and hand-stitched detailing. The handcrafted goods can be pricey, but they are design standouts.

Temple Zen Organic Skincare


Temple Zen offers all-natural hand-crafted skin care products for your face and body. The company uses organic herbs, oils, salts and vitamin-rich minerals to restore and promote natural cell rejuvenation. Although skin care can be expensive, all of TZ’s products are reasonably priced.

Kärlek Candle Co.


This company specializes in hand-poured organic candles made with coconut wax that are so fragrant, they fill a room with their scent before they are burned. The eco-friendly candles are restocked weekly (they sell out within minutes) and become available for purchase on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.


Unwrp adds luxury to gift wrapping. The brand not only offers striking, unique print options and the ability to customize wrapping paper to make your gifts stand out, but it has also introduced reusable options that can be repurposed as fashion statements.

Puer NY


This NYC-based clothing line recreates some of pop culture and fashion’s biggest moments on its graphic tees. In addition to T-shirts, the company creates eco-friendly denim and outerwear.


Your go-to stop for pins, patches and keychains that honor Black culture, Coloring Pins takes Black moments such as the history of Black hair care or the “You have McDonald’s money?” question by Black moms and turns them into wearable statement pieces.

Ikuzi Dolls

Ikuzi Dolls creates Black dolls that come in different shades with different hair textures and hairstyles, showcasing how diverse the our community is. It provides children with the representation that can be missing from mainstream toys.



This online bookstore, a family business, pairs Black readers with books written for, by and about us in almost every genre

Me & the Bees Lemonade

Entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer, 13, developed a fascination with bees after she was stung twice by them in one week when she was 4. After receiving her great-grandmother’s recipe for lemonade, she started her own business selling the drink, with a portion of her profits going to organizations that help save honeybees. Her lemonade can be found on store shelves at Whole Foods in several states. 

Pyramid Books

Pyramid Books is bookstore based in Boynton Beach, Florida, that offers works from African-American authors of genres including fiction, nonfiction, self-help, metaphysics, mysteries, Egyptology and science fiction and specializes in books that are more difficult to find. Anyone wanting to learn more about the African diaspora can find books here that will serve their needs.

Fanm Djanm

Fanm Djanm began in 2014 as a headwrap company but has transformed into a lifestyle brand. Its name means “strong woman” in Haitian Kreyol, and its mission is to motivate women to be bold and to wear bold prints. Its headwraps are handmade in Harlem, some of fabrics and dyes from African countries, thereby helping local businesses on the continent.

RWD Consulting

RWD Consulting is a management consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. that caters to clients in the public and private sectors. With over 190 workers, the company offers various services in information technology, facilities and logistics, program and administrative support and health care. The firm brought in $7.9 million in revenue in 2016, according to inc.com.

Nubian Skin

The London-based company, which has been featured in EBONY, was born out of a lack of lingerie and hosiery options that matched the skin tones of women of color. Ade Hassan founded Nubian Skin in 2014 and has expanded the brand to include shoes. The company delivers worldwide.

The Lip Bar

This cosmetics business stemmed from frustration about lack of diversity in the beauty industry with regard to color range, unnecessary chemicals and linear depictions in the media. The Lip Bar offers a wide variety of shades of lipsticks, lip glosses and liquid mattes, and all products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Kashmir VIII

Founder Kashmir Thomas combined her talents as an artist and her knowledge of pop culture references and turned it into a business. Her website sells clutches, shirts, mugs and prints that feature her awesome artwork. Her most recent pop culture references are from Beyoncé’s Coachella performance and Marvel’s megasuccessful Black Panther film.



Costbucket is a point-of-service provider that caters to small business owners. The company offers cloud-based accounting software, real-time updates on inventory management, customer accounts in addition to personal accounting managers who work closely with businesses.

Talley & Twine

Talley & Twine is a watch company that makes affordable and stylish quality watches. Founded by Randy D. Williams, it was created to represent the “intersection of where you started and where you finish.”

My Pride Apparel

Specializing in clothes for the “socially conscious Black woman,” this company exemplifies #BlackGirlMagic and offers a wide variety of tees, sweatshirts, hats and mugs that make bold statements.


There are a host of other Black businesses that deserve your support, and the ones on this list are good starting points for those who want to invest their money in our community.  We hope you enjoy our pick of businesses, and please comment/tag a business you would like us to feature.


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