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Report: America’s Highest Paying Jobs See Women Underrepresented

April 4th is Equal Pay Day in the U.S., but a new LinkedIn survey is reminding us that pay between men and women is anything but equal.

According to an analysis of data on the professional website’s salary and jobs, women make up, on average, less than 30% of employees among the highest paying jobs.

In the report sent to, researchers analyzed data related to the top 20 highest paying gigs in the country. Orthopedic Surgeon ranked No. 1 on the list and has historically seen a severe gender bias. In fact, there’s nearly 13 men to every woman in the field.

Below are other key findings from the survey:

  • Women are highly underrepresented in the field of tech roles
  • Just 5 percent of women hold the position of VP of Engineering
  • 7 percent of women in America hold the position of Director of System Engineering
  • 68 percent of women were employed in the field of human resources

When it came to HR jobs, the gender gap was either closed or much smaller regarding the highest paid positions. Notably, the three roles that are predominantly female hires are all within senior HR roles.

When it comes to the STEM field, women are particularly underrepresented in high-paying positions. Just 5 percent of women in the country hold the position of Vice President of Engineering and 10 percent can claim the position of Chief Investment Officer.

The survey was compiled using information from LinkedIn Salary, which collects data from verified LinkedIn members. The highest paying jobs for the report were selected based on the median base salary reported.

For more on LinkedIn Salary click here.



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