Earlier this week, NBA top-10 all-time scorer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Carmelo Anthony, hosted an intimate New York City event to celebrate the launch of his wine estate brand, VII(N) The Seventh Estate. Alongside his long-time business partner Asani Swann, the event included a number of notable guests including Russell Westbrook, Serena Williams, Frances Tiafoe and more, who were treated to a wine tasting.

Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony at VII(N) The Seventh Estate Event. Image: Steven Jenkins.

Anthony named VII(N)’s inaugural vintage blend Oath of Fidelity, inspired by visionary Haitian general Toussaint L’Ouverture who lead the battle which freed the island's slaves, to mark the brand as a revolution in winemaking. Oath of Fidelity is a flavorful full-bodied red with subtle notes of cherries, lavender, sage and peppercorns, combined with blonde tobacco and dried tea leaves, which reflects Anthony’s appreciation for the beauty and history of the Southern Rhône region of France.

VII(N) The Seventh Estate Oath of Fidelity bottle.

Given Anthony’s longtime passion for wine, this new venture was years in the making. Anthony is aiming to expand BIPOC representation within the wine community. He wants VII(N) invoke the heritage of the old world, while committing to modern philosophies of winemaking and sustainability for the next generation of vino lovers. 

Carmelo Anthony. Image: by Andreas Branch.

Fellow wine enthusiasts can also hear more about Anthony’s shared passion for all things wine on his viral podcast, “What’s In Your Glass”. The podcast was launched to discuss the world of fine wine with special guests and thought-provoking conversations about the state of the country and what we can do to push progress forward. 

The first blend from VII(N) – The Seventh Estate will become available for purchase this fall.