While Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago brings people from all around the world to celebrate on the island, there is nothing in the world that can capture the feeling of actually being there. Because that feeling is a vibe that is uncontainable, that is fully charged by pure joy and freedom. It is bodies draped in ornate, regal costumes, and an explosion of colors and sounds on “de road.”

Carnival is planning a fete schedule and wondering how your body will stay awake. And it is the sweet sound of soca, rum, gettin’ on bad, a bumper like rain and endless wuk that will keep you awake.  It is a bake and shark, Carib beer and nap on Maracas Beach, with paint and mud still on your body.  And when it is over, it is tabanca—the aching in your bones for another chance to wine and yell “we phenomenal,” because it is phenomenal.  

Carnival gives you powers until the party’s done.


Kristin Braswell is a travel writer based in Brooklyn. She is the founder of Crush Global, a boutique travel service agency that will launch this year. You can follow her adventures around the world on Instagram at @crushglobal.