Love Delivered, the Black Maternal Health Initiative by Carol’s Daughter and its founder Lisa Price, in partnership with the Mama Glow Foundation and its founder, the world-renowned doula Latham Thomas, jointly announced today that year two of the program will continue to focus on providing access to doula care for Black women.  

Aligned with Black Maternal Health Week, the announcement reinforces the Love Delivered commitment to advocate alongside Black mothers and babies when they are most vulnerable—before, during and after birth. Through the initiative, pregnant or recently postpartum women located in the following cities: NYC (Metro-Area), Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. can apply to receive complimentary doula services  at

“Too many times Black birthing people are not heard during such a crucial moment in their lives. If something isn’t right, having an advocate or a doula can be lifesaving,” explained Price. “My hope is that Black birthing people are heard and supported and that most of all, our lives are saved.”

Programs like these are crucial. According to the CDC, Black women unfortunately die of pregnancy-related causes at a rate 3 times higher than those of white women with 60% of those deaths being preventable. Sadly, Black newborn babies are 3 times more likely than white babies to die when looked after by non-Black doctors.  These disparities were in part why Love Delivered was established—to empower, support and show love to Black women and babies when they need it most.  

From left: Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter and Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow Foundation. Image: courtesy of Carol's Daughter.

“As we celebrate Black Maternal Health Week, we center joy in the Black birthing experience,” says Thomas.  “We celebrate the triumphs, our collective solutions, and our self-determination.  Birth is meant to be transcendent, and we all deserve to experience empowerment through birth. The doula grants made possible through the three-year $225,000 commitment from Carol’s Daughter, further the mission to support safe, healthy and joyful birth outcomes for Black families in need."

Additional programming includes: 

  • Access to online resources and maternity experts for expectant and new families
  • Community building events and forums for expectant and new families and their allies for sharing joyful, inspiring, birthing experiences
  • Love Delivered self-care deliveries

Head to for more information on how to become an advocate and to learn more.