Whether you went Christmas shopping or just got a little too loose with the cash for New Year’s Eve, you can appreciate money saving tips to get your weight up.

Here are some ways (three as a matter of fact) to recoup cash and get you on track this financial season.

1. Say no to eating out.

We buy food to cook and dine out unconsciously. In fact, buying food from fast food joints and restaurants is so prevalent, that we don’t even think about how much money a month, let alone a week we spend feeding our faces. The best thing that you can do is to monitor your spending on food. Stay in. Cook often if not daily and watch how fat your pockets become.

2. Save your tax refund or pay Uncle Sam if you can. 

You may be itching to spend that extra cash you’ll receive after filing your taxes, but the best thing you can do is save your dough. It doesn’t matter if your refund is $60 or $600 dollars, make sure you save it. It can serve as a nice starting point for your new financial life.

3. Monitor your funds.

Listen. Everyone tells you to create a budget, but until you’re ready to do so and follow it, it will just be numbers on a spreadsheet. What you should do is become more conscious of how much money you earn and what you can afford to set aside. Understanding what you are working with puts a realistic focus on your pockets. This may seem simple but you have no idea how many people are unaware of how much money they have coming in each month.