A woman is suing the Harris County Sheriff’s Office over a roadside cavity search that resulted in her feeling violated and humiliated.

Charnesia Corley says she still feels the pain of what happened that night, and she’s hoping that dashcam footage from the incident from two years ago proves her case.

“I feel like I was raped.”

According to Corley, Harris County deputies pulled her over for running a red light. When another officer approached her car, she says he smelled marijuana, according to Click 2 Houston.

Corley was handcuffed as she was patted down by a female officer. The officer then removed her pants and performed what she referred to as an invasive and humiliated strip search.

“She tells me, ‘Just bend over.’ I hesitate …She shines light on me …She proceeds to stick her fingers toward my vaginal area …I immediately pop up (and say), ‘Ma’am what are you doing?'” Corley told the news outlet.

Newly released dashcam footage showed Corley on the ground naked from the waist down with her legs pinned for more than 10 minutes as two female deputies searched her.

“She grabs me by handcuffs, slams me on the ground, puts her knee in my back … shoves her fingers up inside of me,” Corley said.

She was charged with resisting arrest and possession of marijuana as a result of the incident, but the charges were later dropped.

District Attorney Devon Anderson indicted the two officers for oppression, but last week, the office, now led by Kim Ogg, announced the case had been moved to a second grand jury. As a result, the deputies were no-billed, and the charges were dismissed.

“We discovered new, and significant, evidence that we believed had to be presented to grand jury,” Natasha Sinclair, with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said.

In a statement Monday evening, Harris County Sheriff’ Ed Gonzalez said:

“I understand and respect the community’s concerns regarding the parking lot search of a female suspect during a June 2015 traffic stop. I want to be emphatically clear that today’s Harris County Sheriff’s Office is fully committed to ensuring that every resident of our community is treated with dignity and respect, even if they are suspected of committing a crime. We hold the public’s trust as sacred, and we will always strive to be worthy of that trust.”

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