Each year on April 22nd, we are reminded that we only have one true home and it is our duty to take care of it. With societal issues such as environmental racism and climate change ever present, this Earth Day is as great time to become reacquainted with our surroundings. 

Black folks have historically been connected to nature. This can been seen from the work of amazing pioneers such as George Washington Carver, who created agricultural techniques to better our ecosystem, to the recent rise of young millennial “plant parents” on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Here are a few dope individuals who are dedicated to educating folks about various plant varieties and getting us back to our roots through the art of gardening. 

Alexis Nikole @blackforager

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Terrell Davis @mintybongwater

Marcus Bridgewater @garden_marcus

Ryan Norville @cinnamonryan

Christopher Griffin @plantkween

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B. The Plant Guy @blackplantguy