The Black community and world at large has rallied in remembrance of the late great Harry Belafonte. Their reflections have spoken to how he was a man of great integrity and welcoming to all those he came into contact with.

Below are several reflections from celebrities and notable figures who shared their condolences and memories of "Mr. B." on social media.

Kerry Washington

"So many of us owe a debt of deep gratitude and inspiration to Harry Belafonte. As an artist and as an activist, he paved the way! With fearlessness and warmth and grace. This moment backstage at #AmericanSon was the last time I saw him. The pride he expressed and support he showed for my work on and off the stage will forever remain in my heart. The world lost a bright light this morning. But we will shine on and continue the fight for liberation in his honor! Rest in peace king."

Barack Obama

"Harry Belafonte was a barrier-breaking legend who used his platform to lift others up. He lived a good life – transforming the arts while also standing up for civil rights. And he did it all with his signature smile and style. Michelle and I send our love to his wife, kids, and fans."

Marc Lamont Hill

“'Marc. It’s good to see you again. Except last time, you were younger and more handsome!' This is what Mr. B. said to me right before we took this pic. We laughed and hugged and then proceeded to have a wonderful public and private conversation, both of which stay with me to this day.

Every time Harry Belafonte spoke, I learned something new. I discovered another amazing fact about his storied career. I found out about another critical moment in history that he helped shape. I received another pearl of wisdom from one of the greatest freedom fighters this country had ever produced. Being in his presence always felt like a blessing. But it wasn’t just his words.

Harry Belafonte lived a life of radical courage, sacrifice, honesty, and freedom fighting. He simply didn’t know how to be anything or anyone else. As the most popular artist in the world at one time, Harry Belafonte could have ignored the struggle. Instead, he committed to Black freedom. Rather than selling out to the mainstream, he made the unpopular choice of standing on the side of justice. Whether in public or private, Mr. B. was always consistent, principled, honest, and generous. His humility wasn’t a performance. It’s who he was.

I’ll have more words later. But for now, I want to send love to the beloved Belafonte family. And I want to give thanks that we were blessed with 96 years with this giant. Thank you for loving us, Mr. B. Rest well."

Bernice King

"When I was a child, #HarryBelafonte showed up for my family in very compassionate ways. In fact, he paid for the babysitter for me and my siblings. Here he is mourning with my mother at the funeral service for my father at Morehouse College. I won’t forget…Rest well, sir."

Kierna Mayo

"Thought maybe he’d live forever. I sat at Mr. Bs literal feet once for the cover of EBONY Magazine. In that raspy wonderful voice, he said to me something I will forever take as strict mandate and an eternal truth: “Art is a blessing…Understand that the most important thing you can do as an artist is to tell the history of your people. Tell the history of your time. Tell the truth of your future.” May the beloved ancestors receive him with Jamaica Farewell blaring!"

Jeffrey Wright

"Harry Belafonte was a standard bearer, in the tradition of Robeson, for generational artistry and deeply informed & committed social & political engagement. Maybe the last of a great tribe. As smart as he was knockdown handsome. He met the moment thruout his life. What a man. RIP"

Kendrick Sampson

"I met the legendary icon, Harry Belafonte, April 9, 2016 backstage at the iconic Apollo theatre. He was about to go on stage and have a conversation with someone close to my heart, Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner (say their names 💔) and Nina Turner. I got all sweaty and nervous meeting this GIANT of an icon that Ive done my damnedest to emulate and honor PLUS the heaviness of the time (2016 👀) and he leaned over right before they snapped the picture and said “I know I make you look good, don’t I!” 😂 We both started laughing and my anxiety disappeared.

Toni Cade Bambara said “the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible” and I think he did just that. He used every tool he had - his looks, his talent, his relationships, his resources, money, his platform etc - to lift up the most important work of liberation and solidarity and show how it can be woven into the fabric of our lives. Plus we was smooooth while doin it 😎

Harry Belafonte was a magnetic freedom fighter and international superstar who took radical stances, especially for someone in his position. I can’t even begin to fully express his impact over DECADES. He fought to produce films outside of Hollywood for Black people. He marched, challenged, fundraised and fought for civil rights and liberation and most importantly: he lived a long life with people who love, protect and cherish him. From everyone I know that knows him, he treated people good and stood firm in his values. Too often we are shown examples of assassination and tragedy when people boldly support movements and stand up against oppressors. He’s in line with those who lived long and prospered while fighting for others to have the resources to do the same. Don’t get me wrong, He faced immense obstacles and trauma, but he lived and transitioned after a long life with loved ones. We need more of those examples.

He’s an example of what we should all strive for - to do everything we can to leave this world better than we found it.

Sending love, healing and comfort - especially to all of his loved ones. Rest in Power, Harry Belafonte ✊🏽💔🖤"

Colin Kaepernick

"Thank you, Mr. B, for all of your years of mentorship, guidance, & lifetime of activism fighting for a better future for all of us. You will be missed by many, but your memory & impact live on. Rest in Power. “Movements don't die, because struggle doesn't die.” -Harry Belafonte"

John Legend

"I loved Mr Belafonte and I’m so grateful for his revolutionary work and his massive influence on our nation and the world. I found out that he passed just before this interview. He worked so hard and did so much. May he get his well-deserved rest."

Dr. Cornel West

"I am deeply sad at the loss of my very dear brother - the great Harry Belafonte! His artistic genius, moral courage & loving soul shall live forever! God bless his precious family!"

Sherrilyn Ifill

"The beauty. The integrity. The “shining Black manhood.” We are so blessed to have seen the talent and leadership of #SidneyPoitier and #HarryBelafonte."