Stress is inevitable, but there are some soothing ways to combat it. We asked some of our favorite celebrities to let us in on their top beauty rituals to ease tension after a long day at work. Of course, baths claimed the number one spot, but these beauties have some cool things to add to your soak. We’ve also taken the liberty of giving you three tips of our own for instant ooohs and ahhhs. 

Mommy and former ‘The Game’ star Tia Mowry loves a luxurious bath. Though her busy schedule rarely affords her the time to indulge, she’s a big fan of creating ambiance. “Light some candles,” she suggests. “People think they have to do that for a special occasion, but life is too short.” Actress Malinda Williams, a self-professed beauty junkie, loves to veg out in the tub as well. The petite pretty adds MSM powder to incredibly hot baths, which she says is “good for aching joints and muscles.” She also adds in splashes of her own special mixture of essential oils. “I’m all about scents—lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus. I love aromatherapy.”

Newlywed actress Meagan Good spends quiet evenings with a spirited friend. “I love a nice glass of red wine after a long day.” Keshia Knight Pulliam opts for her relaxation outside of the home. 

“I go to Spa Nordstrom in Atlanta once a month. I always get a Cold Marine Facial, which has seaweed extract in it, and it works really well with my sensitive skin.” 

Here are three more beauty rituals to help you de-stress now! 

Foot Soak

Whether sauntering around in fabulous heels or sneaks, your feet could definitely use some time off. Foot soaks are known to rejuvenate the entire body by removing toxins.

Cucumber Eye Mask

This is quite possibly the most commonly known beauty practice to relieve puffy, tired eyes, but it’s relaxing for one obvious reason – you’re forced to lie down. Once you feel the cooling effects of cucumber, you’ll understand why it’s the cheapest, most awesome little trick around. 

Scalp Massage

Doesn’t a 30-minute scalp massage sound heavenly? Not only will you drift off into an alternate dreamland at the hands of your stylist, mate or really good friend, but the stimulation also promotes growth.