You’ve probably seen Quodarrius “Dr. Q” Toney, DDS on social media taking his client's teeth to new levels. The Memphis native has the magic touch when it comes to dentistry. With degrees from Howard University and a Doctorate in Dental Surgery under his belt, he knows more than a thing or 2 about proper oral hygiene.

His social media accounts are filled with his work on a wide range of clients, including rappers Gorilla and Sleazy, and comedian Desi Banks. Occasionally, we get an inside look at Doctor Q’s grooming rituals, too. From behind-the-scene peeks into the process of getting his hair braided and how he maintains a healthy beard to his line of toothbrushes. Oh, and look out for his private practice opening up at the end of the summer.

Below, Doctor Q shares with EBONY 5 of his favorite grooming must-haves.


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Harry's Body Wash

"Whether I’m getting my day started or unwinding after a long day at the office, I shower with Harry’s body wash. My go-to scents are Grove and Stone, which not only smells amazing but leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated."

Body Wash

Price: $8

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Aunt Jackie's Scalp Oil

“I started growing my hair three years ago and soon realized that I needed to learn how to properly care for it, starting at the root. Aunt Jackie’s Elixir Essentials: Biotin & Rosemary Hair & Scalp Oil has helped keep my scalp feeling refreshed and ensures my hair is nourished, especially while in braids.”

Aunt Jackie's
Elixir Essentials: Biotin & Rosemary Hair & Scalp Oil

Price: $9

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SOSS OG Beard Soufflé

“I’ve changed up my facial hair throughout the years, but I’ve been enjoying my beard and will probably keep it for the foreseeable future," Doctor Q says. "That’s why I use my OG Beard Soufflé by SOSS to naturally hydrate my beard while keeping it soft with a nice shine.”

OG Beard Soufflé

Price: $23

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Gillette Style Master Cordless Trimmer

“My hair grows quickly, and I am always on the go. It’s imperative that I have the proper tools to keep my beard neat and sharp at all times, especially when I can’t get to my barber. My Gillette razor gives me a close shave without irritating my skin and easily fits in my toiletry bag.”

Style Master Cordless Stubble Trimmer with 4D Blade

Price: $40

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The Art of Aesthetic Essential Toothbrush

"Before I became a dentist, I have always been a stickler for oral hygiene," he shares. "Brushing my teeth twice a day with my Essential Toothbrush is key to both looking and feeling my best."

The Art of Aesthetic
Essential Toothbrush

Price: $10

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