This week, Kim Kimble, celebrity hairstylist to starlets like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Eve, and star in her own right on WE TV's "LA Hair", offers readers the low down on beating the summer heat and maintaining flawless tresses! Kim gives advice for protecting your hair from the sun, keeping healthy hair after a dip in the pool, and avoiding our number one enemy: humidity!

Find out how to beat the heat with these hot tips!

EBONY: We not only need to protect our skin from the sun, we should also be mindful of our hair follicles, what are your tips for protecting hair from the sun?

Kim Kimble: When the sun is in full effect, this is the time to use your accessories like hats and scarves. It’s also best to use products that have sunscreen protection."

EBONY: We all know the chlorine in pools can kill our hair, still many of us will be hitting summer pool parties, what are your tips for keeping hair fresh after a drip in the pool?

KK: To keep your hair refreshed you want to make sure you wash it more and condition it! The most important thing is to keep chemicals out of your hair.

EBONY: Humidity in the summer can be our worst enemy, what are the best style options to keep it sexy?

KK:  "Wear your hair in its natural state in the summer, don’t fight it. It’s difficult to maintain straight hair in hot weather. Going natural is a less stressful way. Do a loose ponytail or updo.  It’s going to keep you cooler and it’ll be less fuss for you."

And just in case you're wondering what's in store on tonight's episode, we've got the exclusive details! On episode four on WE TV's "LA Hair", things heat up when Kim decides to meet Angela for lunch to give her one last chance to explain herself. Still reeling from Angela's most recent betrayal, Kim knows she's more than just a talented stylist—she's her protégé. Kim will have to make a difficult decision: re-hire Angela or kick her to the curb!

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