Halloween: an annual celebration of all things spooky and creative. Want to unleash you inner Purple One? Dying to let loose your inner 2Pac? Ready to prove to the world that you can make the most common household items look “sexy”? October 31st receives you with open arms.

All Hallow’s Eve has given the common man and woman the opportunity to let their freak flag fly since who-knows-when…but what about celebrities? Do they, too, share our desire to be someone else–even if just for one day–while so many people desire to be just like them?

Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes. This year some of our favorite celebs and public figures did not disappoint in regards to the thoughtfulness and craftsmanship put into their costumes.

All in all its nice to know that a holiday can help prove that some of our biggest stars can be just as silly, spooky and “normal” as the rest of us.