Former NFL star Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson saved one of his Twitter followers from eviction Friday afternoon.

Johnson asked his more than 3 million followers, "How is everyone's Friday going so far?" Within 10 minutes, Chris Olivas, a resident of San Marcos, Texas, replied, "Facing eviction but it's Friday so?" alongside a shrug emoji.

Nearly an hour later, Olivas shared a screenshot of a PayPal balance of $1,500.07 he received from the former Cincinnati Bengals All-Pro wide receiver.

"'God is our refuge and strength.' I owe this man my life," the Texas resident captioned the image.

Johnson reshared the receipt image and wrote, "Tell your landlord next time WE fall behind on rent to play me in FIFA for the balance."

According to the Bleacher Report, he played in the NFL for 11 seasons after being drafted by the Bengals as a second-round pick in 2001. He was a fan favorite because of his bold personality and showy antics on and off the field.

Earlier this month, Johnson graciously tipped restaurant servers $209, writing on the tab, "I once had 209 yeards in a game in 2007."