We’re all ready to see Wakanda in all of its splendor and glory, but we’re going to have to wait until next year when Black Panther drops. In the meantime, we can catch Chadwick Boseman in the forthcoming Netflix thriller, Message from the King.

Instead of the Wakandan King T’Calla, Boseman will star as Jacob King, a South African citizen who arrives in Los Angeles in search of his missing sister, Bianca.

Message from the King gives us Taken vibes and follows Jacob who arrives in LA with just $400 in his pocket and a return ticket home. When Jacob discovers that his sister has been murdered he becomes unhinged, vicious and out for blood. He might even give Bryan Mills a run for his money.

Inspired by classic thrillers of the 1960s and ’70s like Point Blank and The French Connection, the film looks gritty and sharp. With Message from the King, the Get On Up alum was clearly gearing up for all of the amazing fight scenes and action sequences he would use in Black Panther. ‘

No matter what kind of King he’s portraying, it’s clear that Boseman isn’t afraid to take down his enemies.

Message from the King is directed by Belgian filmmaker, Fabrice du Welz. Luke Evans, Alfred Molina, Teresa Palmer and Tom Felton round out the cast.

With Marshall and Avengers: Infinity War also on Boseman’s slate, we’re just trying to figure out if there is any role he can’t conquer.

Message from the King hits Netflix Aug. 4.