In celebration of his 29th birthday last Saturday, Chance the Rapper handed out 1,500 meals through his non-profit SocialWorks, according to People.

"Happening now Chicago! Holiday Meal Giveaway 8560 S. Cottage Grove. 1,500 free meals for the community," Chance shared on his Instagram.

Also to mark his birthday, Chance shared photos of himself as a child with his mother Lisa Bennett and his brother Taylor.

“He’s 29,” he wrote. “Best gift u can get me is showing someone they’re a child of God today.”("Child of God" is also the name of the rapper's new single).

Back in 2020, Chance spoke with TODAY about his passion for activism and his vision for uplifting up-and-coming artists in Chicago through SocialWorks.

“I think it’s indirectly my faith,” Chance said, “I get a lot of my sense of understanding and kindness from my mom. And then my dad and his side of the family were all community organizers. My great grandmother marched with [Dr. Martin Luther] King and organized. My grandmother worked for Harold Washington when he ran for mayor of Chicago.”