Chance The Rapper didn’t get to his position on the public landscape with gimmicks and an holier than thou persona. From the release of his #10Day mixtape, which was born from getting suspended in high school for being caught smoking weed, he’s been honest about the nature of his life.

That hasn’t stopped since Chance became Chicago’s hometown hero. His intention, as always, has been raising awareness of what’s taking place in his city and showing young people that there are possibilities beyond their current circumstance.

While holding Chicago on his back and making monumental moves for the betterment of arts, youth and society (like donating $1 million to the city’s schools), the fact that he is human can not be negated. Humans are imperfect, complex and for sure go through their share of ups and down. Chance is a father who was in a relationship that didn’t work out and, as any responsible parents would do, they are handling business in court to reach the best possible decision that serves the well-being of their daughter and each other.

No matter what we are, we’re always family ????????????‍????‍????

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Nothing about this is out of the norm or messy or tacky.

But, what is questionable is an article that hit newsstands on Thursday morning by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell. The headline and front page of the paper alone is enough to make you gag and hit the writer–and publication–with a brick of side-eyes.

Come on now.

Not to mention the timeliness of this cringe-worthy attack on an artist, not only shaking up the music industry but stepping up to the plate and challenging the political powers that be to get off their butts and act on positive and much-needed change in the streets of Chicago.

So, really tell us why you’re mad?

You know, what’s even more sad is that a Black woman penned this article. Was she used as a pawn to attract negative attention about a young, Black artist making noise in uncomfortable places? If so, taking the front-page bait is a huge disappointment.

Sure, an article working to reposition the perception of Lil’ Chano from 79th was bound to happen, heck, some folks even took issue with his $1M donation to Westcott Elementary School, but we held on to hope that it would not be one of us to spearhead the dirt and drama. Guess we were wrong.

Nevertheless, when you move with intent and integrity, the stones thrown your way are easier to dodge with truth and family by your side. Peep Chance, his baby girl and the mother of his child below responding to the Sun-Times article: (*EDITOR’s NOTE: The original “Family always) post has since been deleted from IG) But this one remains (see below)!

Don’t worry about anything else. Do Your Job.

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Salute. Stay on your mission, Chance.

LaToya “Toi” Cross is the Senior Editor of Entertainment and Culture for EBONY’s Print and Digital brand. You can catch this laughing creative sharing work, art and capturing life on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.