Chante’ Moore shares an ode to the magic of real love.

“I done messed around and found a real one!” she sings on “Real One,” her new single from her upcoming album The Rise Of The Phoenix. The mid-tempo love song highlights as the lead track from her first body of work in nearly four years.

The Phoenix is a powerful mythological symbol of renewal,” Chante’ muses on the title of her 7th studio album. “It lives a long life, burns to ashes, but reemerges more beautiful and more powerful than ever. I relate to that.”

Labeled as her “most personal album yet,” The Rise Of The Phoenix has something for everyone, jam-packed with ballads, heart to hearts, infectious dance tracks, and more. “This album reflects where I am now in my life. I am perfecting myself. I continue to learn how to burn away the old mindset, the negativity that weighed me down so I can become the best me. I am the Phoenix rising and I’m living my life again!”

Currently on tour, Ms. Moore will hit Cincinnati, Birmingham, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans, in support of her single and upcoming album. You can also catch the R&B songstress at this year’s Essence Music Festival.

Check out the song above and the video below. Who else can go for a hot beach and a cold pina colada right now?