On Saturday, NBA star Isaiah Thomas lost his sister in a deadly one-car crash.

The Celtics player was obviously overcome with grief multiple times before the start of the game against the Chicago Bulls Sunday, but the point guard went on to score a team high of 33 points in Game 1 of the Celtics’ first-round playoff match up, according to ESPN.

Celtics Coach Brad Stevens said Thomas was “struggling” before the game and it showed. But despite being distracted, he finished on 10-of-18 shooting with six assists and five rebounds in 38 minutes.

But his stellar performance isn’t what’s being talked about.

Former All-Star/NBA Commentator Charles Barkley made some downright insensitive comments about Thomas’ emotional state Sunday during a segment on TNT’s Inside the NBA.

“I’m not feeling comfortable with him sitting on the sideline crying like that,” he said. “That makes me uncomfortable because that tells me he’s not in shape to play. I don’t know how this night is going to turn out. But to be sitting on the sideline a few minutes before the game, crying, that makes me uncomfortable for him. That’s just not a good look, in my personal opinion.”

Mr. Barkley, do you remember when NBA legend Michael Jordan had the flu but still opted to play? I’m pretty sure we all knew he wasn’t “in shape to play” then, but did it make you uncomfortable? Probably not.

The man just lost his sister in a car wreck. A little sensitivity can go a long way, not to mention the fact that Barkley had just discussed basketball as a way to escape from tragedy just a few minutes prior to his remarks.

Watch a portion of the segment below.