Plaid tends to get a bad rap. It can be reminiscent of 90s grunge or stiff and preppy. But when the fit, size of the print and even the choice of colors are on point, plaid is quite wearable. Whether you describe your style as trendy or if you skew on the more classic side, your closet can benefit from at least one plaid garment or accessory. And we've got five for you to choose from.

For the Gentleman

Ben Sherman Silk Chester Tie ($28,

The days are getting cooler but that's no excuse to ditch bright colors. This Ben Sherman tie is the perfect finishing touch against a white or turquoise shirt. Purple is a bold hue but in such a small dose, it's not overpowering.

For the Classic Man

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Cotton Shirt ($45,

A button down shirt is in heavy rotation in any grown man's wardrobe, so why not nix the solids for a print? Since the shirt's primary color is blue, that means it's wearable with most pieces, including khakis or denim. Of course the shirt works well on its own or you can layer it under a solid cardigan.

For the Trendy Fella

Robert Graham Plaid Print Socks 3-pack ($85,

Your socks may be the last item you slip on, so they tend to get overlooked. But when you sit down there will inevitably be a moment  they're seen, so give people something fly and stylish to look at.

For the Casual Guy

Dickies Plaid Short ($25,

Overly bright plaid shorts can look golfer-ish, but a darker print is more wearable, even if you're not teeing off. And since August is the hottest month of summer, get in some last days of wearing these shorts, similar to how you'd wear cargos on a casual weekend.

For the Professional Brother

Wurkin Stiffs Plaid Rectangular Cuff Links ($85,

Accessories aren't just for your lady. No matter how formal your workplace may be, show off your dapper status with a pair of flashy cuff links. They can inject new life to your wardrobe, even if you're wearing the same 'ol shirt.

-Patrice J. Williams

Patrice J. Williams is a NYC-based writer and budget style expert behind Looking Fly on a Dime. She dishes on fashionable, affordable solutions for those who want to look their best without maxing out their budget. Her motto is your style is never determined by your wallet. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for daily fashion updates.