DJ Kool Herc, the "Father of Hip Hop" and his sister Cindy Campbell, have collaborated with Christie's, to announce DJ Kool and the Birth of Hip-Hop, a sale of historic hip hop artifacts.

According to a press release obtained by EBONY, the collection features an incredible selection of over 200 items "that will transport [one] to the beginnings of hip hop at its birthplace in the Bronx: original vinyl records Herc spun in the 1970s; the iconic sound systems used at the 1973 party and thereafter; one of the most extensive holdings of hip hop fliers in private hands; period clothing and jewelry, Polaroids of Herc and friends, and numerous awards of recognition for his contributions to musical and pop culture.” 

Photo: Courtesy of Christie's.

DJ Kool Herc expressed his excitement about the collaboration and the growth of a culture that he’s credited with creating at a house party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, almost 50 years ago.

Photo: Courtesy of Christie's.

“At our parties in 1970s New York, it was about something that was bigger than ourselves,” said DJ Kool Herc. “Hip hop is both an American immigrant story and a global story—it belongs to everybody. And we can still see and feel it today. It is great to work with Christie’s on continuing to honor the story of hip hop and celebrate its impact on the art world.”

“Hip hop was created from a humble beginning in the Bronx,” said Campbell, aka the First Lady of Hip Hop, in a statement. “It has evolved into an international culture and way of life for a multitude of people, along with the genres of music. Hip hop has broken many barriers among nationalities, class and races. Hip hop sees no color or gender; it radiates love. I am pleased to know that Christie's is acknowledging this epic historical piece of American history."

Photo: Courtesy of Christie's.

The sale is scheduled to take place online from August 4, 2022–August 18, 2022, with an exhibition at Christie’s Rockefeller Center galleries from August 5, 2022–August 12, 2022 in honor of Hip Hop Recognition Month in New York City.