You look in a full-length mirror and your body has the nerve to settle into its natural shape. Gym memberships become a reality. Words like “maturity” and “accountability” are all of a sudden slapping you in the forehead without warning or your permission. You start to realize the difference between a paycheck and a salary, and you can’t wrap your brain around the obscene amounts of money those “natural talents” on reality TV actually make. Ack! How did this happen?

Time to totally embrace your inner old. Here are 15 signs that your adulthood is on grown status:

  1. You’re seriously aware of your insecurities. Insightfully aware.
  2. A futon mattress is now the most hideous thing in the world.
  3. Sleeping on your sofa is a recipe for a bad back.
  4. There’s food in your refrigerator and you care if it spoils.
  5. You accept the “dry spells” of your sex life.
  6. You actually read food labels.
  7. Sleep is a gift from the gods.
  8. Having sex on a twin bed is an absolute no-no.
  9. You know the difference between cheating and having an affair.
  10. Gorgeous but vapid people no longer appeal to you.
  11. The body you hated in your “younger” pictures is the body you’d kill for now.
  12. Heart shaped pancakes for your kids are adorable.
  13. You’re no longer naïve about romantic love. (More like cynical & jaded.)
  14. You care about having a “purpose.”
  15. You realize you can’t please everyone. Ever.

Pressures and real-life pressured realities aside, adulthood can be quite awesome if you just drink your courage juice and embrace it. Adulthood is your best shot at being you—unapologetically—and the knowing that you don’t have to take yourself so seriously to get the job of being an adult done. Just know that the number-one rule of living is: You deserve to be happy.

Melinda Lewis is a Harlem-based writer, public speaker, and founder of the lifestyle blog, Follow her on Twitter at @gettogetha.