The family of a woman who was stabbed to death on a Chicago elevated train found out through a video of her death posted on Facebook, according to a published report. reported that images of Jessica Hampton, 25, who was attacked around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, were put on the social media site and were not removed until early Friday.

“For us to go on Facebook and see this,” said a cousin of Hampton’s, who the site did not identify, who asked to remain anonymous. “We go on there and we see our family lying there like that, is wrong, and it’s not cool.”

According to television station WGN-TV. She and a man were arguing over a child at about as the train was moving when the man wielded a knife and stabbed her multiple times, said Chicago police spokesman John Escalante.

“It was an ongoing domestic argument between a couple, a male and female, on one of the CTA trains,” Escalante told WGN. “As the train approached 47th Street, the male stabbed the female.”

Witnesses on the train told the Tribune the man who attacked Hampton asked her a question, but when she responded “no,” the man stood up and began to stab her.

“She was fighting back, she was crying ‘help me, help me!'” said Andrea Patterson who was sitting near Hampton when the attack started. He dropped the knife briefly, but picked it up and resumed. Other people ran from the train car. “As the doors opened on the train, he walked off, stepped over her body and walked off like nothing happened.”

The man was taken into custody by police after the incident without struggle and charges were pending against him. He was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained in the altercation. His name has not yet been released.

Family members told the Chicago Tribune that Hampton had a young daughter. DNAInfo said her killer was believed to be an ex-boyfriend who was angered over Hampton having moved on. Relatives say that the man had been stalking her in person and on social media after they had broken up.

But they also said they did not know much about the alleged killer.”This wasn’t like her,” another cousin, Shannon Rose told the website. “We knew the men she dated. Nobody knows him. She never brought him around. I met all of her boyfriends, but not this guy.”

Dolores Frazier, Hampton’s aunt, said that she was engaged to another man, and her ex became jealous.

“We thought it was her fiancé at first, until we saw his picture on Facebook,” she told DNAInfo. “I guess he got mad at her because she had moved on. She didn’t deserve that.”