"Yeah. But seriously, a nutless monkey could do your job."

This quote is from Tom Cruise's "Les Grossman" in the 2008 comedy "Tropic Thunder." And, although it was used as a pointed dig directed at one of Grossman's underlings, I have to say that it perfectly encapsulates my feelings about whoever must be advising The Increasingly Bizarre Chris Brown at the moment.

That Breezy seems to be intent on convincing us of his irredeemability as an unarguable fact. Seriously, it's almost as if he's heat checking himself to see how far he could go and still have #teambreezy have his back. I can almost imagine him laying on a snakeskin rug in one of his showers, staring at a life-sized Karrueche mannequin attached to the ceiling and dreaming of unique ways to test #teambreezy's loyalty.

"Hmm. Things have been to easy for my fans lately. Let me dye my hair like Wesley Snipes in "Demolition Man" and tattoo Rihanna's post-fight face — or something that could very easily be mistaken as Rihanna's post-fight face — on my neck and see if they can somehow spin that into a positive"

But, even more spell-bounding than his behavior is the fact that he undoubtedly has countless family members, record execs, friends, agents, lawyers, uncles, barbers, tattoo artists, weed connects, chefs, personal trainers, towel boys, and other advisers on his team — people who either genuinely care about his well-being or have incomes dependent on his well-being (or both) — and none of them have seemed to be able to pull him aside and ask "Yo, man. WTF is wrong with you?"

Yes, The Increasingly Bizarre Chris Brown is a man capable of making his own decisions and no, I'm not even attempting to suggest that his people are the ones to blame for his increasingly bizarre behavior. But, as a person without a dog in this particular fight — seriously, I'd need Google's heIp to name more than five of his songs — I can't help but notice he doesn't seem to have a person in his camp who's both willing and able to shake some sense into him, and this is even more troubling than his behavior. Behind every ungreat man is a crowd of co-signers and sycophants.

Actually, now that I think about it, the "nutless monkey" dig probably was a little unfair and definitely a bit inappropriate. There's no doubt in my mind that a monkey, nutless or not, could do a much better job