Chris Brown has the Interwebs talking once again. But this time it’s not due to anything he said (recently) or a controversial headline. Folks are discussing his upcoming appearance on the hit TV series Black-ish.

And the feelings are mixed.

Apparently, Brown, who’s shown his acting ability in past films, landed a cameo on the comedy after running into the show’s creator, Kenya Barris and expressed how he was a fan and would love to have a role on the sitcom. At least that’s how Anthony Anderson explained it on Twitter.

And boom, next thing you know, Breezy got the gig and will appear in tonight’s episode as a “popular rapper” named Rich Youngsta, who lands an advertising campaign with Dre’s (Anderson) agency. Controversy creeps in when Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) points out the negative stereotypes depicted in the ad.

Now, Black-ish has seen grand success due its topical content and ability to deal with real issues across the board from police brutality to gay marriage, sex education and even questioning the ideals of what it means to be Black or not Black enough. It’s a relevant and necessary series that has opened America up to another perspective of the Black family. In short, it’s healthy for society.

But would Brown’s appearance tarnish that reputation?

A recent Complex article argues it’s a questionable move for the ABC show and goes on to cite the singer’s checkered past.

The headline alone is enough to stop your web scrolling.

Without doubt, social users chimed in and shared their thoughts about the ordeal. A few can be read below.

There’s no denying Brown is crazy talented, but he also has a hella disruptive and volatile track record. But should it result in being banned from continuing his career and supporting himself and his daughter? Does it mean that anyone who chooses to associate with him, or work with him, shares his same morals, values and behavioral traits?

While you certainly don’t have have to forgive or support Brown–that’s a personal choice. It’s also a personal choice to watch Black-ish or not.